Gabe Werra

Phone: (651) 307-5871

I am a licensed Real Estate Agent for Minnesota and soon Wisconsin. I have a strong hunting background and have spent time all over the state of Minnesota, Illinois and Nebraska in my personal hunting adventures. I have learned to read properties very well to be successful and that will help me find you your dream hunting and recreational property.

I am also a very avid fisherman and have targeted almost every species Minnesota has to offer. I am very familiar with many lakes and regions of the state and would be happy to help you find a lake home to fit your fishing needs.

I am a father to 3 boys who I get into the field as much as possible. I like to try to keep them away from video games and social media by teaching them all I have learned and continue to learn while in nature. Whether we are hunting, fishing or just out hiking we enjoy everything outdoors.

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