Timber Ghost Realtor Bags Big Buck!!

My wife Holly and I traveled out to Sheridan Wyoming to hunt with our good friends at Nelson Outfitters.

On the third evening of our hunt we were sitting in a Primos Double Bull ground blind situated in pinch point between the beading area and the alfalfa field where the deer were headed to. It was still pretty early in the evening when we spotted a huge buck headed our way. I was running the video camera and Holly had her bow. As the buck approached he started to head behind the blind and at a mere 10yds he stopped in a spot that didn’t allow for a shot. We were hoping he would follow the other deer in front of the blind but of coarse like mature bucks seem to always do he continued behind us. We were stunned but also enjoyed just having a buck of the caliber close to us.

The next and final night of our hunt would end up being a night we will never forget.  We returned to the same blind just hoping we would get another chance at him or another buck. At about 6:15pm I looked up to see the same buck from the night before headed our direction. But this night he was following the other deer directly in front of the blind. I told Holly to get ready and he stopped perfectly at 31yds. Holly took her time and settled her pin on him and released her arrow hitting him perfect right behind the shoulder. He didn’t go 80yds and tipped over.

We were so amazed and thrilled to have had another opportunity at him we couldn’t believe that it just happened.  After about 10mins of congrats in the blind we realized that I still had a tag to fill and we still had an hour and a half of daylight left so we switched spots in the blind. Holly grabbed the camera and I grabbed my bow.  We didn’t have to wait very long and more deer were coming. About 45mins later I spotted 2 bucks heading our way and the back one was a shooter. As the first one passes us at 42yds I looked back and the second buck was following right behind him. I came to full draw and mouth grunted at him to stop him. He stopped perfect at 42yds and I released the arrow hitting him perfect. He ran and fell about 60yds from Hollys buck.

Talk about an evening to remember. We had just filled both of our tags on the last night of our hunt!!! Both on camera and both beautiful bucks.  Hollys buck scored 160″ and mine was 140″.  We would like to send a huge thank you out to Dave,Jan and Steven Nelson with Nelson Outfitters for the most memorable night we’ve ever had in the deer woods!!!

Our hunt can also be seen on the Outdoor Channel on The Wild Outdoors.


Mike Wiltse
Timber Ghost Realty