Proud Grandpa

Jim Senior here (founder of Timber Ghost Realty) I just wanted to share a photo that was taken Saturday. My 12 year old grandson Max, along with his dad (my son Mark) with an 8 point buck that Max shot yesterday at our family Cushing WI hunting camp. Max has now taken a deer every year since he was 10 years old. For an old codger like myself, this photo represents a lifetime spent teaching my kids a love of the outdoors. Now my sons are passing down that love to their kids. It doesn’t get any better than that for Grandpa Jim.

The story from Max’s dad Mark’s perspective.

Max shot this 8 pointer last night with his .243 rifle right before dark. We were sitting together in the skybox deer stand on the north east corner of our food plot. When we saw him, he was about 100 yards away, and had just come onto the food plot. Max saw him first, and said, “Hey dad, there’s a fawn.” I put my binocs on him, saw the rack, and told Max to grab his gun. Max did so, and the big buck stared right at us for the next five minutes. Max patiently waited until he turned broadside, and then took his shot. After the shot, we saw the buck turn and run south back into the thick brush and buckthorn.

We tracked it that night. It took us 15 minutes to find the first sign of blood. We followed the blood trail and found small traces of blood here and there. We eventually lost the track and quit looking after about an hour. We then had a sleepless night that was spent wondering weather or not we’d find him.

The next morning we all went out to look again. We tracked for about an hour, lost the track several times, but kept looking. We covered about 300 yards before finding him.

Not a bad deer for a 12 year old kid!!!!