The Nelson Buck

The monster non-typical whitetail shown here is the “Nelson Buck”. This deer was arrowed by Mike Nelson, our realtor, on a self guided hunt in Illinois, in November 2006.

Mike was kneeling down in waist high CRP grass as this buck was crossing the field with its nose to the ground. As the deer passed by broadside at 20 yards, Mike let the arrow fly. The buck turned and ran after being hit. Mike decided to wait until morning to track it. Mike and his hunting partners found the buck just a few hundred yards away.

The deer’s right antler is a typical 6 point with a double brow tine. But the deer’s left side has what appears to be 3 main beams, two of which have their own tines. The left side also has a triple brow tine. The bases measured 9 inches in circumference. This monster rough scores 232 5/8 non typical.

The Nelson buck is was mounted by A1 Archery and Taxidermy in Hudson, Wisconsin, and is on display at the Timber Ghost Realty office in North St. Paul. Please stop by and view this magnificent buck and maybe share a few deer hunting stories.