Father Son Fishing

From Jim Nelson Jr, owner of Timber Ghost Realty.

My Son just recently turned 6 years old. I told my boy that for his birthday I would take him anywhere he wanted to go. I offered to take him to the zoo, water park and even Nickelodeon Universe. My Son’s response was immediate and firm. He said “Dad, I want to go to the cabin fishing!” It reminded me of myself at his age and all the great memories I had up at the lake. Of course I said “Ok Son, lets do it!” We packed up our gear and off we went, on a one day trip to the cabin.

Along the way we picked up a couple fishing buddies and a can of worms. We were on the lake by noon. We dropped anchor at our first spot of the day. My Son flipped his worm and hook in the water and the sunfish feeding frenzy began. Somehow between the snacks, juice boxes and playing with all the boat accessories the boys caught over 200 fish in 2 hours. It was a blast and I was a very proud Dad. It turns out that my Son was actually the one who gave me the greatest gift of all. On that sunny August day we created a memory that I will cherish for the rest of my life!!